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Do you know where the biggest potato in the world grows? It grows on a 400-acre farm, just 20 minutes outside of Boise, Idaho. It’s so big you can live in it and, actually, you’re encouraged to at least spend a couple of nights inside the giant tuber, also known as the Big Idaho Potato Hotel!

How the Big Idaho Potato Hotel came to be

You might have an idea since we’re talking about Idaho here. You know, Idaho, the Potato state that accounts for a third of the United States’ potato production.

The story of this one-of-a-kind hotel begins in 2012, when the Idaho Potato Commission celebrated its 75th anniversary by building a giant spud. The potato is made out of concrete, steel and plaster. Definitely not edible, but very realistic. Size-wise it’s 28-foot long, 12-foot wide and 11.5-foot tall.

The idea was that the potato should tour the United States to remind the people where their yummy fries come from. The tour was supposed to last for one year but it went on for seven years due to the enormous success of the giant potato that went from one city to another on the platform of a flatbed truck.

When the big tuber finally made its way home in 2019 and was contemplating retirement, an employee of the Idaho Potato Commission, Kristie Wolfe, had a brilliant idea. Instead of ending up in some dusty warehouse, the potato was transformed into a small, but incredibly cozy hotel with all the modern facilities you might want.


Life inside the Potato Hotel

It took a lot of effort and a good eye for details, but Kristie Wolfe managed to transform the steel potato into a wonderful little getaway.

On the outside it still looks like a lumpy spud, well, that’s the whole point, but wait till you make your way in. The interior offers a striking combination of white plaster with rustic furniture in pleasant shades of light brown and pink.

The hotel room has tiled floors, comfy armchairs strategically placed in front of the media stand. Obviously, the main attraction is the custom-built bed and visitors to the hotel swear it’s not lumpy at all, like the exterior.

For warm summer nights you can rely on the original air-conditioning system that uses a system of underground pipes to pump in cool air.

The silo turned spa

A spa in such a small place? Well, not quite inside, but a few steps away. The bathroom is located in a repurposed old silo and it features a whirlpool, a functioning fireplace and, best of all, a glass skylight. Just imagine spending the evening in the luxurious tub watching the stars above the farm.

If you’re visiting Idaho consider staying for a few days at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, not only because it’s elegant and unique, but also because of its excellent location, just a short drive to downtown Boise, where all the fun is! You can book your stay on Airbnb for $200 per night.

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