August 2020

potato shaped hotel in boise idahoo

Big Idaho Potato Hotel

Do you know where the biggest potato in the world grows? It grows on a 400-acre farm, just 20 minutes outside of Boise, Idaho. It’s so big you can live in it and, actually, you’re encouraged to at least spend a couple of nights inside the giant tuber, also known as the Big Idaho Potato Hotel! How the Big Idaho Potato Hotel came to be You might have an idea since we’re talking about Idaho...

The Best Boise Architectural Buildings

If you’re new to Boise, you will be surprised by the combination of modern and daring 21st-century buildings and the elegant architecture of the old houses in the city center. Some of them date back to the 19th century and are historical buildings, that have witnessed the growth of this place from a small town to the vibrant city it is today. Whether you’ve recently moved to Boise or are just...

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